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VYHA Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct

VYHA Player Code of Conduct:

  • I will play for fun.
  • I will be a good sport.
  • I will work hard to improve my skills.
  • I will be a good teammate. 
  • I will learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline.
  • I will be on time to all practices and games or communicate with my coaches.
  • I will respect my coach, my teammates, my parents, opponents, and officials. 
  • I will not argue with an official's decision.
  • I will conduct myself in a positive, respectful, and controlled manner both on and off the ice. 

I pledge to follow the rules listed below and understand that failure to abide by these rules may result in suspension or dismissal from VYHA:

While representing VYHA at all functions including home and away games, practices, fundraising events,etc...I will refrain from violence, profanity, and illegal activities and will abide by the rules of NYSAHA, USA hockey and VYHA or be subject to a disciplinary hearing.

 I will respect the property and facilities of the  city of Syracuse and the Onondaga nation as well as other hockey associations and properties they use as well as property of teammates, opponents, coaches, team officials etc.. I will refrain from intentional destruction of facilities and or theft or be subject to a disciplinary hearing.  

I understand that VYHA has a zero tolerance policy of bullying, racism or sexism. This includes any of these actions that take place on cellular devices, social media or other internet or web-based platforms. Any player to take part in any of these behaviors toward any opponent, teammate, coach, team official, game official or association member or spectator will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. 

I understand that if I am found with a weapon, alcohol, tobacco, or any controlled substance that is not prescribed by a physician while involved in any  VYHA activity, I will automatically be suspended until a hearing can be held by the discipline committee. VYHA reserves the right to require a drug screening as recommended by governing authorities. 

Parent/Adult Code of Conduct

  1. All parents/adults will conduct themselves in a positive, respectful and controlled manner at all V.Y.H.A. functions (games, practices, board meetings, discipline hearing, hotels, and Valley social web pages etc.).
  2. Any parent/adult participating in a V.Y.H.A function who takes part in verbal abuse, threats, arguments, acts of violence, fighting or disruptive behavior towards any player, coach, team official, game official, association member or spectator will be subject to a discipline hearing. Discipline for violations of this policy is as follows: 1st violation: 1 week suspension from all V.Y.H.A functions. 2nd violation: 1 month suspension from all V.Y.H.A functions. 3rd violation: Released from V.Y.H.A.
  3. Any parent/adult who damages property of a facility or take part in theft of property from a facility while attending any V.Y.H.A. function will be banned from all V.Y.H.A functions for 1 year from date of violation.
  4. All parents/adults will take a 48 hour cooling off period before approaching any coach, team official, V.Y.H.A Board member with complaints or issues whenever possible.


The Discipline Board will rule on, given the nature of the violation and after a hearing with player and parent(s), the discipline to be levied for the first and second offense. The discipline will remain on a player’s record for two years. The two year period will start on the date of the player’s first offense. A third offense in the 2 year period will result in an immediate release from V.Y.H.A.