Valley Youth Hockey is a Tier II association based at Onondaga Nation Arena and Meachem Rink in Syracuse, NY.

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How to Tweet Game Updates


  • Get a Twitter app if you'd like to tweet game updates to Valley's home page and to your followers.
  • Create a username that has your team name in it, such as:

"Tina Turner@SquirtRedsRule"

Clark Kent @BantamTravelDad"

"GoGoGo MiteBlues @BobJones"

"16UGoalieFan" @TheScreamingDad.

That way you won't have to keep typing in which team's scores you are reporting. All you'll have to type is something like, 

period 2 over, 7-3 Valley! 

  • Email your new username to the   or tweet @VyhaSyracuse so VYHA can follow you. As soon as VYHA follows you, your game updates will be delivered immediately to our game update twitter feed.


Note: Let's try to keep the tweets positive and appropriate for all ages, please.